The KTA1001 functions as a universal I/Q modulator and digital upconverter for multi-standard communications systems where cost, size, power consumption and dynamic performance are critical. KTA1001 is a feature-rich device, it integrates an optional 1x, 2x, 4x and 8x interpolation filter, on-chip 32bit NCOs, dual on-chip 16bit, 800MSPS DAC, on-chip low phase noise clock multiplier, and other DSP functions into a single chip.
The on-chip IQ auxiliary DACs enable user to cancel LO leakage caused by the upmixer after KTA1001.
The user interface to configure functions is a universal serial port interface. The data interface supports maximum data rate up to 300MSPS. Two input data options are available: dual-port mode and single-port mode.
CMOS data interface supports dual-port and
single-port mode
Dual 16bit, 800MSPS DAC
Interpolation Filter : 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
On-chip complex NCOs
Quadrature Modulation Supported
Inverse Sinc. Compensation filter optional
Digital phase/gain/offset compensation
3/4-wire SPI with read/write access
On-chip PLL based clock
multiplier which support 2x,4x,8x,16x
Two auxiliary low speed 10bit DACs
On-chip 1.2v reference
Multi-chip synchronization support
On-chip input data RAM (256 words long and
32 bits wide)
Input Data Pattern Integrity Check feature
Four Main Operation Modes
Quadrature modulation output mode
DSB signal output mode
Bypass NCOs Dual DACs mode
Single tone mode
Wireless Infrastructure
WiMax, GSM
Digital Signal Synthesis
Wideband Communications
LMDS/MMDS, Point-to-Point Communication
Arbitrary Waveform Generation