KT0646M is the second generation UHF-band wireless transmitter chip used of the unique design and low power consumption technology patent protection, based on first generation product performance, will greatly reduce the power consumption, can be used for more occasions, especially portable etc. of power demanding products.
KT0646M integrates a wealth of features that can further reduce overall BOM costs and improve product consistency and reliability. Among them, the integrated 15 segment audio equalizer allows users to freely and flexibly adjust the audio frequency response to achieve the best sound effect. The Echo feature increases the echo effect of the sound and improves the sound effect.
KT0646M integrates the functions of audio AGC and audio ALC to improve the dynamic range and noise performance, and can effectively adjust the frequency offset and bandwidth of the transmitted signal.
Optimization of KT0646M audio compression, with the KT065x series product can effectively optimize the tail, distortion and noise floor
KT0646M also has the function of auxiliary digital channel, with the KT Micro receiver chip, can realize automatic frequency, remote control, code, information transmission and other functions
Fully integration
Low noise Microphone interface
High fidelity digital audio processing
High power output PA
Worldwide full band support
UHF: 470MHz~960MHz
Professional Grade Performance:
Audio DR 106 dB
Flat audio response: 20Hz~18KHz
Low Distortion: <0.3%
High power output capacity: 18dBm
Ultra-Low Power Consumption:
operation current < 60mA @14dBm
standby current < 22 µA
Advanced Features
Digital Auxiliary Channel
Programmable Transmit Power
FM adjustable bandwidth
Programmable Compandor Time-Constant
Optional pilot
Built-in pre-emphasisTime-Constant 75µs or 50µs
Compression and pre emphasis adjustable
Built-in Low-Battery Detector
No on/off noise
No disturbing noise
Adjustable 15 stage equalizer
Adjustable Echo function
Adjustable audio AGC function
Adjustable audio ALC function
Microphone audio input signal detection
Small Form Factor
24-pins QFN 4x4
Simple Interface:
Standard 2-wire MCU interface
Pb-free and RoHS Compliant
Wireless MicrophoneWireless SpeakerSoundbarPortable loudspeaker, guide machine, teaching machine